The Yankees had two solid wins in the first two games and appeared to be running on all cylinders before the third game when the bullpen lost their first game this season.  The loss settled both the Yanks and the Royals at 3-3 apiece.

CC Sabathia showed Yankee fans why he was worth it all in his second start, this time

Player of the Series: Nick Swisher – Starting every game of the series, Swish hit .363 and hit for the cycle in the series.  Swish talled a single, a double, a triple and a HR.  He was responsible for 4 RBI’s and 5 runs scored.  He has started the last four games and has a .471 record so far this season.

Honorable Mention: TIE CC Sabathia and Andy Pettitte– After a horrendous first game in which the Orioles trounced him for 6 runs, Sabathia came back strong in his second start, holding the Royals to only 6 singles in 7 2/3 innings, while walking none and allowing no runs.  Had Jose Veras not allowed a run in the bottom the ninth, it would have preserved the shutout for Sabathia.

Pettitte got his first start of the season on Friday night, the Royals home opener, and held them to only three hits in seven innings.  Pettitte struck out 6, walked one and allowed one run as the Yanks offense managed 4 runs to get the win.

This series will have little to do with the rest of the season.  I think it was a given to expect the Yankees to leave this series with at least two wins, if not three.  At this point, the Yanks have a more formidable foe, the Tampa Rays coming up, while the Royals face the visiting Cleveland Indians, who finally won their first game Sunday.