Bradford Campeau-Laurion filed suit Wednesday in Manhattan Federal Court with the assistance of the New York Civil Liberties Union, claiming that the Yankees and New York City violated his civil rights when a police officer apparently prevented him from going to the bathroom while God Bless America was playing.

Campeau-Laurion was at the stadium during an August 26, 2008 game against the Boston Red Sox when he claims that an officer told him he could not leave his seat during while the song was played over the loud speakers.  Campeau-Laurion also claims that when he told the officer he did not care about the song, two officers put his arms behind his back and marched him out of the stadium.

Campeau-Laurion also said the officers told him that if he didn’t like his country he should get out of it. In his lawsuit, he is asking for compensatory damages and that the Yankees stop requiring fans to participate in religious and political activities.

Police have responded to the lawsuit by saying that the fan was drunk and unruly.

“The officers observed a male standing on his seat, cursing, using inappropriate language and acting in a disorderly manner while reeking of alcohol and decided to eject him rather than subject others to his offensive behavior,” spokesman Paul Browne said in an e-mail.

The Yankees declined to comment.

I don’t think this lawsuit will end up going far.  I have been to multiple games and have seen fans coming and going during God Bless America with no response from officers.  I think it would take more then just the man getting up from his seat to make an officer stop him.

I’m guessing the guy was drunk and acting stupid during the God Bless America, decided to get up, acted more foolishly and was removed.  I am sure the officers said what they did, but probably did in response to something he said.

Information from Yahoo! Sports was used in this post.