Thanks to our sister Melanie, who unfortunately had tickets to Saturday’s 22-4 beat down by the Cleveland Indians.  Below are some pictures she was nice enough to share.

Chris and I have not been lucky enough to see the new stadium yet, with my work schedule and his living in Maryland for some dumb reason (wink).  Melanie, however, is a NYC resident and made the 30 min subway ride on Saturday.

One of the things she mentioned and, unfortunately, we do not have a picture of it, but the stadium is completely open on the bottom levels.  The windows you see between the pictures of Yankee greats are apparently without glass.  Also, you can see right into the stadium from the vending areas, thus wind must be able to shoot through there and this might be an explanation for the 5 trillion homeruns hit in the last 4 games.

Thanks Melanie!!