Shrek, I mean David Ortiz, spoke out yesterday, telling Joba Chamberlain to stop throwing at Red Sox hitters, expecially Kevin Youkilis, who was thrown at a couple of times last season.

“None of that, man — just play the game the way it’s supposed to be, and that’s about it,” Ortiz said, referring to Chamberlain.

“This is a guy, as good as he is, the next step for him will be to earn respect from everybody in the league. He’s not a bad guy, but when things like that happen, people get the wrong idea.”

In my opinion, Oritz needs to shut the f**k up.  After Pedro Martinez throwing at the heads of whoever he wanted to, followed by tossing Don Zimmer to the ground, every Yankee pitcher has the right to throw at the dome of any Red Sox player for the next 99 years.

If I’m Joba, the first pitch I throw to Ortiz is aimed at his fat gut.