A new book by Sports Illustrated writer Selena Roberts is a doozy.  It has not even been released yet and won’t for nearly two weeks, but it is creating a firestorm of activity in the sports world already.

The book not only alleges that Alex Rodriguez lied about only using steroids as a Texas Ranger from 2001-2003, but that he used steroids as a Yankee and even as early as high school.  Going further, the book also alleges that A-Rod tipped off friends on other teams about what pitches were coming their way.

Roberts was responsible for breaking the initial story in February that A-Rod used Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) and had tested positive in 2003.  Rodriguez then admitted using a steroid called primobalin while a member of the Texas Rangers.

The book, which I have not read, quotes an unnamed Yankee source as saying that Rodriguez was seen with Kevin Brown and both gentlemen had HGH (human growth hormone).  Brown has denied this through a lawyer.  The Yankees sources go on to say that A-Rod seemed to put on nearly 15 pounds before the 2005 season and develop round pectorals, a problem found with some anabolic steroids (think Meatloaf’s character in Fight Club) and as a result, many Yankee players referred to him as “Bitch Tits.”

Apparently though, no Yankee source saw him use steroids or confronted him about it, but merely made their assumptions based on observations around the clubhouse.

A former high school teammate apparently told Roberts that Rodriguez was using ‘roids in high school.  Another source said Rodriguez put on 25 pounds between his sophomore and junior years and people saw him using steroids and that his connection was a dog kennel owner.

The most shocking is probably the cheating allegation.  The book accuses A-Rod of disclosing to friends on other teams which pitches Rangers pitchers were going to throw – as long as the game was lopsided.  He also apparently expected the same in return – if he was having a bad night and it wouldn’t affect the outcome of the game.

Much like the Joe Torre book earlier this year, I assume more will come out about this subject as the days pass and we have not heard the end of it.