Alex Rodriguez appears to have taken some classes at the Derek Jeter School for Baseball Players who want to Learn How to Speak to the Media because he is deftly avoiding commenting on the recent book by Selena Roberts.

“I’m not going there,” Rodriguez told ESPN after an extended spring training game on Thursday.  “I’m just so excited about being back on the field and playing baseball.  My team has won 2 games up there, and hopefully I can come back and help them win more.”

Rodriguez appears to be doing the right thing at this time: laying low and deflecting comment on the issue.  Eventually this will all blow over and things might go back to normal – well, A-Rod normal that is.

The biggest issue for Rodriguez going forward will most likely be the allegations of pitch tipping.  I would not be surprised to see Bud Selig call Rodriguez back to his office to explain that and Selig may even want to talk to Selena Roberts.  We’ll see how that plays out in the next couple of weeks.

In related news, Harper Collins, the publisher of Robert’s new book “A-Rod,” has announced that the release date for the book has been moved up to this Monday, May 4.  Clearly, they are attempting to take better advantage of the publicity now surrounding the book.