These are from Sunday’s rainout.  My wife and I made the trip down to the ballpark just in case the rain stopped enough for them to play the game.  I figured it was a good gamble because the A’s don’t come back into town this season and I knew the Yankees would do all they could to get the game in.  Obviously, it didn’t work out.

I was mostly impressed with the functionality of the stadium.  In the middle of a rain delay, there were still tons of things to do and there were so many vender locales that the lines were incredibly short.

I also have to say that it is windy as hell in that stadium.  The wife and I walked around the entire stadium and there was a wicked wind heading towards the outfield – especially into right.  Of course some of it was the result of the storm, but it was pretty steady.

Finally, I liked the closed-captioning next to all the videos playing in the stadium.  As always, the captioning was about 5 seconds behind, but at least it was captioned.

Enjoy the pictures!

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