In a game that should NOT have been played, the Yankees endured a 2.17 hour rain delay to lose to the Red Sox 6-4 last night this morning.

Phil Hughes took the ball and while he was not the pitcher we saw last week, he threw 94 pitches in 4 innings with 56 for strikes. His velocity was in the middle 90s. That’s good, but I think it was late at night, damp, and a steady mist continued to fall, so that caused problems for Hughes. But apparently not his counterpart in Boston. After Hughes came out, the Mexican Gangster, Al Aceves came in and did pretty well, striking out 7 batters.

The Yankees’ offense came within one run to Boston in the fifth inning, but Jason Bay (again) hit a homer to give the Red Sox the cushion they needed. Johnny Damon homered and Mark Teixeira homered twice, from opposite sides of the plate again this season. Everyone in the lineup had a hit except Swisher, Cano and Berroa.

The strike zone of Jerry Meals was too liberal, enough that it got the normally stoic Jeter angry and got Joe Girardi ejected in the fifth inning. Plus Girardi got into a shouting match with Red Sox 1B coach Tim Bogar.

While the game was ridiculous itself, especially with no RISP, the Yankees continue to lack ways to produce when men are stranded at the bases. This is something Girardi and his coaches have to address, and fast.

The Yankees wrap up this short series with Chamberlain taking on Beckett. The last time the Yankees faced Beckett, they lit him up for 8 runs in 5 innings. Joba was better, pitching into the sixth inning and allowing one run before the bullpen imploded. I hope to see a repeat of these pitching performances, except to see the Yankees’ bullpen hold it together.

Until tonight…