Wow.  What a letter from Daily News writer Bill Madden to Yankees owner George Steinbrenner.  Although big George has transferred day-to-day operations of the Yankees to son Hal, George is still viewed as the owner.  This letter, which I recommend you read in full, really summarizes a lot of the complaints about the $1.5 Billion new Yankee Stadium.

I have included one strong excerpt below and make sure you get a chance to check out the full length letter.  But I wanted to point out although I too am upset about the overpriced lower-bowl seats, for the most part I am very much happy with the rest of the stadium.  There are policies that need to be changed and I think the Yankees will address them in the offseason.  Policies such as not allowing fans to walk to into sections where they don’t have tickets to, or the general huge price of tickets in the lower bowl.  I just think that they want to wait on addressing the policies until after the season is completed.

That being said the Yankees do need to address the fact that the common fan, who makes up probably 98% of the overall team fan base, feels unimportant to the Yankees – and that is a HUGE problem.  Kids who are growing up Yankee fans need the opportunity to feel the way we did growing up – as a part of the Yankee feeling.  Otherwise, all the Yankees will do is push fans to the crosstown Mets, who are much more amicable towards the average fan these days.

Excerpt from Bill Madden:


So consider this a letter on behalf of the modest income common fan, Boss, the ones you always championed in the past – the bus drivers, bartenders, construction workers, cops, firemen, secretaries and even journalists – who made up the core of your Yankee constituency and to whom [COO Lonn] Trost is now essentially saying:

“You can still come into our ballpark because we have to provide a certain amount of modestly priced tickets, but you must know your place, which is the upper deck. We don’t want you in our high-priced restaurants and we don’t want you getting anywhere near our players or our rich friends.”