Sorry for the lack of posts the last couple of days from me (Trevor did blog yesterday). I have a new roommate and I had to spend the entire weekend cleaning out my third bedroom/office to accommodate my new roomie.

The Yankees won again yesterday, in their third straight walk-off victory over the Twins. I’m starting to suspect the Ghosts of Yankee past have arrived, and so have Mystique and Aura. I don’t want to jinx anything, so I’ll leave it at that.

I don’t have time this morning to write up a summary of yesterday’s game, but I’ll lead you to Greg Cohen’s write-up on Sliding Into Home. Greg’s one of the better bloggers and analysts out there in the blogosphere.

Here’s the news of the day.

Pete Abraham is on furlough this week. No blogging, writing, etc. for him. I already went through my own furlough at work (I work for the State of Maryland) and I lost 4 days of work (rather than see other State employees lose their jobs).

David Wells, on the 11th anniversary of his perfect game, rips Clemens and A-Rod and other players who have been caught using steroids. Here’s one snippet of what Wells said:

“(Alex Rodriguez) admitted to it, so I mean the home runs he hit off me in Texas, should those count? I dunno. . . . They say everyone’s doing it, let ’em do it. But if they elect to do it, they are not entitled to go to the Hall of Fame if they got Hall of Fame numbers, or just ban them right out the get-go.”

Chien-Ming Wang and Brian Bruney look ready to join the Yankees soon…

Yesterday Andy Sonnanstine of the Tampa Bay Rays became the first AL pitcher to hit a RBI in an AL vs. AL game since 1972 because of a lineup error…that’s a cool fact. But also dumb…how could the manager overlook two 3B and no DH?

Former Yankee Pudge Rodriguez hit his 300th homer yesterday against the Cubs. Congrats, Pudge.

Andy Pettitte takes the mound tonight in a nationally televised game on ESPN, the final of a 4-game series against the Twins. First pitch is scheduled for 7:05 p.m.