I checked out yankees.com today, and there are some interesting things from the old stadium being auctioned and sold.  For the nostalgic fan mostly but there are even a few things for the stalker fan.  Here’s what I found:

For instance, you can buy a baseball signed by Whitey Ford, currently going for $170.

Or a Derek Jeter signed seat-back?  $499.99

Or…this is crazy…maybe you like Yankee stadium memorabilia.  Perhaps you would be interested in a Memories package, which includes some freeze-dried grass, genuine commemorative Yankees grass seed and a crystal display… with actual dirt!  It’s being auctioned and its currently only $79.99.

But maybe a small chunk of Yankee stadium is not enough.  Maybe you would like something you can really use.  Like, perhaps, 4 feet of Yankee stadium sod?  You could plant it right in your lawn for only $6,000.  Plus, it comes with a bag of peat moss.  How great.

A pair of stadium seats: $1,499.  If you are a former season ticket holder at the old stadium you can buy your old seats for $1,999.

Finally…maybe you want to purchase an evening with Nick Swisher and Derek Jeter.  That will set you back a cool $1,600.