On schedule and under budget, the Metro-North Authority Station at East 153 St & Yankee Stadium is set to open today, Saturday May 23.  No more will a person have to pay $19 for parking, $20 in gas and have to wait in the parking lot that is the Major Deegan Expressway after Yankees games.

The Yankee Stadium & East 153rd St. Station

The Yankee Stadium & East 153rd St. Station

As announced a couple of months ago, tickets to the Yankees-E. 153rd Street Station will cost the same as a ticket from your respective station to Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan.

My biggest concern was how they plan to move 10,000 fans – the amount of fans MTA expects to use the new station – after the each game.   After checking out the schedules, it appears that they have it figured out.  Several (too many to count) trains have been added to account for the large amount of travelers.

The schedules also are well thought out.  Fans who like to arrive 90 minutes earlier then the game will have an opportunity to still do so.  There will also be trains that should arrive 30-45 min before the game and trains that arrive right near or at game time.

After the game, trains will leave every 10-20 minutes starting at about three hours after the game starts.  For example,  fans taking the Hudson Line north towards Poughkeepsie after a weekday 7:05pm game, can take a 10:09, 10:26, 10:33, 10:50, 11:09 or 11:26, depending on which station they intend to travel to and whether or not they want an express train.

I’m excited to try it out and see how smooth it works.  If any of our readers use it, could you give us an update?

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