After being activated from the DL and then informing the team he still has pain in his elbow, Brian Bruney will be visiting the ever-popular and ever-important Dr. Andrews tomorrow. Tyler Kepner has this information:

But now Bruney is back on the disabled list, and he has an appointment Wednesday with Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham, Ala. It makes sense, because Bruney has already had an M.R.I. and an arthrogram, trying to find out why his elbow hurts. Nothing has turned up so far, but whatever is in there, Andrews will find it.

The Yanks feel Bruney wasn’t 100% honest with them, and Girardi made that clear yesterday after the game.

“I just think he wasn’t totally forthright in how he was feeling,” Girardi said. “We’ve had many talks with him over the last couple of weeks about how you have to tell us exactly what’s going on. It could be that by rushing himself back, he’s never given himself the amount of time he’s needed.”

The Yankees have some options what to do if Bruney is out for the long stretch. They could call Mark Melancon up, keep Dave Robertson, stick with who they have, or even possibly get Huston Street from the Rockies. Street is pitching well for the Rockies and is trade bait.