If you’re like me in the Mid-Atlantic, you’re suffering from post-holiday blues with pouring rain and flash flooding in the forecast…you’d like these links about the Yankees to read today.

  • I need to start with this non-Yankee news, but Jose Canseco was pummeled in his MMA fight in Japan. Good for him.
  • In Baltimore on May 8, A-Rod responded to cat calls and boos with a three-run home run (that I witnessed) and yesterday, returning to the scene of his crime — his steroids era in Texas in 2001-2003, he received cat calls and boos, and went 5-5.
  • With the Yankees more concerned about their pitching rotation and bullpen woes and Melky Cabrera quietly having a very excellent spring, Yankees future-centerfielder-phenomenon Austin Jackson has been quiet in the background, but he is making significant progress in the minors.
  • PeteAbe breaks down the Yankee numbers without A-Rod and with him. Not much of a difference, to be honest…
  • Finally…I’m not sure what to think of the red caps the Yankees (and everyone else) wore yesterday. They were inspired by Fred Durst. It was the first time since 1921, when the Yankees wore a white cap with blue pinstripes, that the Yankees did not wear a navy blue hat. I’m all for honoring our fallen soldiers, but I’d prefer a patch, or a sweatband or something else, but save the hats for July 4. Check out Uni-Watch’s commentary on this…

Have a great rainy day!