ESPN is reporting today that the greatest Yankee skipper of all time, Joe Torre (sorry Casey Stengel and Joe McCarthy) might not coach past 2010.  Despite leading the best team in the major this season, Torre doesn’t want to make the commitment just yet.

“Yeah, I’m enjoying it. Not to say that I’m thinking about doing this for 10 years, no. I have family, too,” he said. “I have another year left after this. There are still some days you don’t want to pack and go on a road trip. The ballpark is the best part for me. I still enjoy the baseball aspect of it. The energy is terrific and I feel good about it. It’s all about the players and how they respond to you. The players have been great. This group of guys has been terrific.”

Torre also says he enjoys watching the Yankees play and likes seeing how some of his former players are doing.  He also has a high regard for Joe Girardi.  “This kid is going to be one of the top managers. This I know is a dream job for him and I’m glad things are getting better for him.”