After this post, right now, this subject should not be brought up again.  Joba Chamberlain, the NY Yankees FUTURE ACE, belongs in the rotation.  The man has several pitches to pick from.  He can pitch hard – 98, 99 MPH is common.  Last night, Joba threw 106 pitches into the eighth inning.  In that 8th inning, he was still hitting 97 on the radar gun.  Amazing.

Since becoming a starter last June, Joba is 6-2.  His ERA in those starts is under 3.00.  Best of all, in games he starts the Yankees are 14-7 dating back to last year – and of those seven losses only 2 were his fault – the rest were lost be relievers.

Oh and the two losses attributed to him as a starter, I blame on the offense.  In the first game, a 5-0 loss to Toronto in July of ’08, he got no run support from the Yankee offense.  His most recent loss was a 7-3 loss to Texas last week – he was only responsible for three of those seven runs and have to leave early with an injury.

My point is, this debate meant something last year.  It means nothing now.  Joba will be one of the best pitchers to ever play the game if he can keep developing the way he is and can keep out of titty bars and away from cars when he is hammered drunk.