The Yankees have a surplus of arms, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

With Andy Pettitte’s win last night, he is now 6-2. The other cogs in the rotation are CC Sabathia at 5-3, AJ Burnett at 4-2, and Joba Chamberlain at 3-1. All four boast a winning record when it comes to pitching, but the biggest asset — some of you may disagree with me — is the bullpen.

The Yankees have been able to switch between Chien-Ming Wang and most recently last night with Phil Hughes, both who were groomed as starters, not relievers. The Yankees have an influx of arms.

Now what happens when Brian Bruney comes back into the picture in about ten days? What about Damaso Marte? That changes the game a bit. The Yankees have a good lefty situational pitcher in Phil Coke, and a good long reliever in Al Aceves. To an extend, they also have David Robertson, Brett Tomko, Jose Veras, Edwar Ramirez, and finally, Mariano Rivera.

Something’s bound to happen to one of our pitchers. Pettitte may go down with a back injury. Burnett may get himself injured. Chamberlain may lose his control. That’s why it’s important to keep Wang and Hughes close by. Both of them do take up space in the roster, but they are necessary.

I don’t agree with all of the moves Joe Girardi has made with his bullpen. In hindsight, I feel the Yankees could be three or four games ahead of Boston right now if Girardi had made the correct moves. To give him a little benefit of doubt, the Yankees are improving, and it doesn’t hurt to have extra arms available.