The last time the Yankees started a season 0-6 against the Boston Red Sox, they weren’t even named the Yankees. They were the New York Highlanders.

Maybe it’s best we leave that part of history alone and not go 0-7 after last night’s beat-down by Josh Beckett and the Red Sox at Fenway. The Yankees were completely flat offensively (only garnered 2 hits, four walks) and the pitching was atrocious. AJ Burnett didn’t last three innings and wasn’t even in control of his pitches. The bullpen wasn’t much better either.

Brett Tomko and Jose Veras came after Burnett and they didn’t help much. The only bright spot was David Robertson’s two strikeouts in one inning of work, but I couldn’t count that as significant because the Red Sox have a comfortable lead and they probably don’t care at that point in the game.

The top of the Yankees order went 0 for 13. Only Mark Teixeira managed to get on base with two walks. Robinson Cano and Brett Gardner both were the ones who got hits.

I admit, I am not toooo upset. I knew the Yankees could probably go flat against Beckett, and I am not too upset that Burnett was awful. I’d rather him throw a clunker in a bad game than a close game.

However, there is more pressure on Chien-Ming Wang today than ever before. I hope he can hold it up.