Accuweather has done some more research into the crazy amount of home runs hit at the new Yankee Stadium this season.  For comparison, there have been 105 homers hit at the new stadium so far this season; last year, there were a total of 160 at the old stadium.  That’s on pace for a NYY record of 293.

After the first couple of series played at the stadium, much was said about the large amount of home runs.  On April 20, Accuweather announced that spring wind patterns and the sloping design of the new stadium were causing the wind to blow routine pop-ups to mid-to-deep outfield into the stands.

Anyone who has been to the new Yankee Stadium and seen its open air design, can vouch for this extra wind.  But now they are saying that the wind DOES NOT have as much of an effect as originally thought.

Accuweather has now done some more research and this is what they came up with:


In right field, the new found homer haven, the wall structure is slightly different than the old park. The main difference involves curvature. It can be seen in photographs that the gentle curve from right field to center field seen in the original Yankee Stadium has largely been eliminated at the new stadium. This is due in large part to the presence of a manual scoreboard, which requires that the wall be straight. Losing this curvature has resulted in a right field that is shorter by 4 to 5 feet on average, but up to 9 feet in spots.


Not only that, but the right-field fence is apparently 2 feet shorter then the former – making it easier for balls to clear the fence.  Accuweather estimates that 19%, or 20 of 105, of the home runs hit would not have cleared the fence in the old stadium.

So at this point, would we even be talking about this if the stadium had 85 homers instead of 105?