Here are the Yanks’ picks from the second day of the draft:

4th Round: RHP Adam Warren (UNC)
5th Round: LHP Caleb Cothram (Vanderbilt)
6th Round: 3B Rob Lyerly (UNC Charlotte)
7th Round: RHP Sean Black (Seton Hall)
8th Round: LHP Sam Elam (Notre Dame)
9th Round: LHP Gavin Brooks (UCLA)
10th Round: LHP Tyler Lyons (Oklahoma St)
11th Round: LF Neil Medchill (Oklahoma St)
12th Round: RHP Brett Gerritse (Pacifica HS, CA)
13th Round: LF Deeangelo Mack (U South Carolina Columbia)
14th Round: RHP Graham Stoneburner (Clemson)
15th Round: RHP Shane Greene (Daytona Beach CC)
16th Round: RHP Bryan Mitchell (Rockingham County HS, NC)
17th ROund: RHP Chad Thompson (El Toro HS, CA)
18th Round: C Hector Rabago (USC)
19th Round: 1B Luke Murton (Georgia Tech)
20th Round: LHP Thomas Keeling (Oklahoma St)
21st Round: CF Joseph Talerico (Brookdale CC)
22nd Round: SS Richard Soignier (U Louisiana Monroe)
23rd Round: 3B Kevin Mahoney (Canisius Col)
24th Round: 2B Isaac Harrow (Appalachian St U)
25th Round: LHP Shaeffer Hall (U Kansas)
26th Round: SS Stephen Bruno (Gloucester Catholic HS, NJ)
27th Round: C Jeffery Farnham (New Mexico St)
28th Round: LHP Aaron Meade (Missouri St U)
29th Round: RHP Scott Matyas (U Minnesoa)
30th Round: RHP Kyle McKenzie (Thayer Academy)

As you can see, the Yankees focused mostly on pitching (16 total selections). As the season goes on, we will analyze any potential impact signings above. The first two the Yankees made yesterday, Slade Heathcott and JR Murphy, are high school phenoms who could made a significant impact.