Peter Abraham on his blog earlier today posed the problem of Chien-Ming Wang. He also touched up the subject of Joba Chamberlain, AJ Burnett, Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera.

This ultimately boils down to one person, the pitching coach.

Dave Eiland.

Abraham has this to say:

Eiland has plenty to do. The pitching staff is second in the AL in walks and first in home runs allowed. Only two teams — hapless Baltimore and Cleveland — are allowing a higher OPS.

A.J. Burnett has been a disappointment. Andy Pettitte is walking more batters per nine innings (3.9) than he has since 1999. Edwar Ramirez has vanished to the minors. Jose Veras is an unreliable mop-up man and Joba Chamberlain has gone more than six innings twice in 11 starts.

Even Mariano Rivera has had his issues. Apparently Eiland can’t stand behind those guys, either.

If pitching is the foundation of a championship, the Yankees have cracks in the cement that go beyond Chien-Ming Wang. But fixing him would be a good place to start. Let Guidry take his shot.

What Abraham means here by Guidry “taking his shot” is allowing Guidry to talk with Wang, study his mechanics, and offer his advice. He is, after all, a guest instructor during spring training, and a respected former pitcher of the organization.

The rotation needs to be fixed…and fast. This cannot allow to continue.