Maybe Mrs. Wang should have given birth last night. That would have given Chien-Ming Wang a chance to get out of last night’s start.

Wang only lasted 2.2 innings, walking three, allowing three runs on three hits. He did have some good velocity in the second inning, striking out Kevin Youkilis and Jason Bay, reaching 95 MPH on the YES gun. But he was not good enough to even make it out of the third inning.

Cliff Corcoran at Bronx Banter explains more about Wang.

Jason at Heartland Pinstripes dissects the game last night. He notices several major errors the Yankees made and how some of the issues were bad — Jeter and Cano went 0-10 for instance, and Jeter is 2 for his last 24. His average is now below .300. Jason identifies the lone bright spot last night as Mark Teixeira’s 4 for 5 night. Now, imagine what would have been if Tex signed with Boston last December?

By prematurely calling up Wang, the Yankees have put themselves into a quagmire…and Jason agrees.

Greg Cohen also sums up the game last night, and Jason, Cliff, and Greg all say CC Sabathia must give the Yankees a shot in the arm. They need one bad…