Let the “Fire Joe Girardi” chants begin.

Let the “Put Wang into the Bullpen” rants begin.

Relax folks, it’s not the end of the world.

Yes, the Yankees lost their eighth straight game to the Red Sox last night. To me, that is bad, and very ugly. But, I am not worried. The Yankees are only two games behind the Sox in the division with 100 games left. It is of great consolation to me that the Yankees play better baseball against everyone else than to the Sox. In fact, since A-Rod was activated on May 8, the Yankees have only lost 11 games, compared to the Sox’s 13 losses. If it wasn’t for the three-game sweep, the Yankees would be at 8 losses and the Sox at 16. That is a huge, huge difference.

I will avoid writing up a recap. I’m not in the mood to do it — I’ll let three bloggers offer their takes.

Greg Cohen thinks last night’s disaster was worse than Mo blowing it on April 24.

Joseph P said last night’s game had a must-win feel, but it didn’t happen.

Jason is pissed off, literally. He calls this whole thing a joke. And I removed the expletives.

The good thing? The Yankees don’t see the Sox again until August. Tonight they go back to NYC and welcome their cross-town rivals, the Mets, to the Stadium for the first time. It will be surprising starting pitcher Livian Hernandez (at 5-1) against Jobamania. My money is on the Yankees because the Mets’ pitching staff — sans Johan Santana — is depleted and their lineup has several players on DL or out for the year…GO YANK-EES!