I was fortunate enough to have time to go to Jane Heller’s book signing at Stan’s Sports Bar across from the old Stadium today.

While I was driving up from Maryland this morning, I decided to email Jane to see if we could swap cell phone numbers in case I couldn’t make it to the book signing and instead meet her in the Stadium. Jane responded quickly and gave mer her number in case.

Then I realized I forgot my own copy of her book at home. Wonderful, just wonderful!

We arrived at Stan’s around 5:20pm, just before the book signing ended, and we found her tucked away in a corner of Stan’s. I was expecting something more extravagant — like flashing lights, a big cut out of Jane, a big banner, oh, all the bells and whistles.

Nosiree…it was just Jane, her husband Michael, and two Barnes & Noble employees helping out.

Cool anyway…so I introduced myself (through my sister) and it was a pleasure to meet Jane — albeit briefly.

Oh, I bought a second copy of her book. Sure helps with her royalties, right?