Today, with my lil’ red in tow, I visited the new Yankee Stadium for the first time and I was floored at how beautiful it looks and the way it resonates majestically.

It truly is a shrine for everything that resembles the New York Yankees.

The Great Hall is fit for a king and his court. Banners everywhere celebrating Yankees past and present. The Yankees Store is huge, the food court is amazing. The Hard Rock Cafe is part music, part baseball.

The field is beautiful. The lights around the field are bright and welcoming.

Even for me, as a deaf person, I was pleased to see the real-time captioning happen in between innings. I do wish I could have captions of the play by play announcer and other voices in the Stadium.

I do have some qualms…not everything’s perfect. I’ve read from other bloggers about the shortcomings.

I hate Monument Cave. It is ugly.

I hate the prison-gray walls in the bleachers. Paint them navy blue for goddsakes!

The larger-than-life video screen is…H-U-G-E. Wow. I could practically see Mark Teixeira’s nose hairs.

We sat in the grandstand seats, section 428, $30 a pop. But good views and definitely a good place to sit — not necessary to pay $1,250 or $375 or whatever it costs for field level.

Enjoy the photos!

DSC00808The entrance to Hard Rock Cafe from outside the Stadium.

DSC00809A view of the old Stadium, sans the faded royal blue seats. *sobs*

DSC00810Babe Ruth Plaza outside the Stadium.

DSC00813An example of the captioning available everywhere. That is so awesome!

DSC00815Part of the collectibles from Steiner Sports from the old Stadium. The outfield padding, if you want it, will set you back $20,000. I think I will settle for a brick ($145) from Monument Cave Park.

DSC00822The giant video screen in centerfield. Umm…I can see Tex’s nose hairs.

DSC00824Me and my lil’ Red at the game…