The Yankees are in a slump. Seriously.

They’re 4-8 their last 12 games and something needs to give.

1) The Yankees need to let Brett Tomko go. They already have good bullpen guys in Robertson, Coke, Rivera, Bruney, Aceves, and they could easily use Hughes. Why Tomko? In fact, use Hughes more if you’re going to keep him in the bullpen. While we’re at that, Robertson has 23 strikeouts in 14.2 innings. That’s incredible. Use him more!

2) Release Angel Berroa. Seriously. No one wants this player who once played against Bob Feller. He’s not helping us any. I’d prefer Ramiro Pena. Xaiver Nady and Cody Ransom will be back soon. We don’t need Berroa.

3) Let Gardner play more. He’s 15 of his last 43 and has his batting average up to .284 with a .358 OBP. Melky Cabrera is 12 of 62 since his shoulder injury in Texas. He is down to .282 with a .340 OBP. At this rate, we need his speed. I still love how he stole two straight bases against the Nationals.

These are simple changes. Just make them.