It was announced Monday that Alex Rodriguez will take a day off weekly between now and the All-Star Break.  A-Rod has gotten off to a slow start since rejoining the team on May 8 after missing almost 5 weeks after hip surgery. He is batting .213 with nine homers and 28 RBI in 40 games – well below his career averages.

The plan apparently came from Marc Phillipon, the surgeon who operated on Rodriguez in March.  On the weeks the Yankees have an off-day, such as this one, Rodriguez will end up with two days off.  He had started 38 straight games, with only a few days off before taking two days off this weekend.

Whatever needs to be done, needs to be done fast with this guy.  He is making way too much money to be hitting .153 for the month of June.  If he is still hurt, get him some real time off to recover and comeback stronger.  Even Cody Ransom would be a step-up – at least he was hitting .180!

You can’t blame A-Rod for the way the Yankees have been playing inconsistent all season – it’s way more then just him – but more offense is needed from third base.  Plus, A-Rod is the cleanup man despite his horrible average.  He only has 28 RBI because the guys in front of him get on base.

I support A-Rod – but he needs to get better.  Hopefully this helps.