It looks like the Yankees left their offense at home after that drubbing of Johan Santana.

In their last 7 games against rookie pitchers, the Yankees are now 1-6.

Taking out the Santana game against the Mets, the Yankees have now scored 20 runs in 7 games. Less than 3 runs per game almost exclusively against rookie pitchers. This clearly just does not cut it.

They wasted Wang’s first good performance of the year. Lots of ground ball outs, and lots of strikes. Through 5 innings, Wang threw just 62 pitches, 42 for strikes. The Braves had one good inning against him where they strung together some knee-high hits. Wang was followed up by Hughes who threw 2 perfect innings. Robertson came in and gave up a meaningless HR. The bullpen is finally pitching well and it’s all being wasted because the offense is playing like the “before” photo in a Playboy whiskey advertisement.

With the way they’re playing, the Yankees seem pretty content to make this season as tough on themselves as possible.

No one on the team is stepping up, especially in yesterday’s awful offensive performance. That’s just plain stupid.