While it may look like a boost of confidence to a fan, it can be a nightmare for a manager to get a “vote of confidence” through the media. That only means the front office is watching you.

Sweeny Murti has Cashman’s words about Girardi:

“I think Joe’s done an exceptional job,” Cashman said. “We’re scuffling right now for three weeks, but he’s not humped over, slumped over, he’s not down and out and woe is me or depressed or on edge or tight. He’s keeping his guys up, he’s keeping them positive.”

“He’s doing everything he needs to do,” Cashman concluded.

Translation: win or else.

For his part, Girardi understands. “I know the drill here,” he said. “You win or you go home.” Indeed.

If Girardi gets the pink slip at the end of the season, for a 44-year old, twice-fired manager, that doesn’t look good. His chances for a third managerial job may not be as good. If, and that is a big if, the Yanks fire him — I’d go with Tony Pena for the rest of the season or in 2010.