I’m still stoked after the game that just ended a couple of minutes ago. I was tweeting about it all night (and thanks to those of you who read the tweets). A lot of things happened tonight.

Chien-Ming Wang finally recorded his first win of the season by going 5.1 innings and allowing 4 hits and 2 runs while walking 3 and striking out 3.

Robinson Cano had three rally killers. Two double-plays and one ground out with the bases loaded. It was not a good night for him.

There should NEVER have been a debate about who’s better: Rivera or K-Rod. Tonight, Rivera proved it through and through. K-Rod needed 38 pitches to get through 3 outs. He was pitiful tonight.

Continuing about K-Rod, he walked the bases full and walked home Rivera’s first career RBI.

Finally, the big news of the night — Mariano Rivera registered his 500th career save. He is now one of the only two closers in the history of the game to do this feat. rivera

Oh yeah, the Yankees swept the Mets at their own park, going 5-1 in the season series. Yep, it should have been 4-2 in favor of the Yankees, but a win is a win.

Tonight was a dismal night for the Mets. Starting in the first inning with a stupid play by first baseman Murphy to try to throw out an advancing Derek Jeter at third (Jeter was safe), everything went down for the Mets afterwards.

With that play by Murphy, Tex doubled home Jeter and Swisher to make it a 2-0 game, then Jorge Posada hit a sac fly to bring home Tex. 3-0 before Wang even takes the mound.

Wang was decent tonight. His velocity was averaging 94, but there still isn’t enough sink on his sinkerball and slider.

Jeter hit a lead off double off the wall, followed by Tex’s double two players later. A-Rod would go 1 for 1 with three walks to raise his average to .232.

The funny thing here is that the Mets actually outhit the Yankees, 5-4, but they lost because of mental mistakes and the fatal top of ninth by K-Rod.

In the top of the ninth inning, Mets skipper Jerry Manuel brought in Francisco Rodriguez, only to see him throw 38 pitches, 18 for strikes and walk three batters (Rivera included) to give the Yankees the extra padding they needed to give Rivera his 500th.

The Yankees have now won five straight games back to the Atlanta series and they will have a day off tomorrow before going cross town back to Yankee Stadium to welcome the Seattle Mariners into town. Joba Chamberlain will take the mound.

With that win tonight and Boston’s loss to Atlanta, the Yankees have cut 2 games off their lead to climb 3 games behind the Sox in the standings. Toronto also lost, so they gained agame on the Blue Jays. Tampa won, (fifth straight) and they are two games behind the Yankees. The Yankees are currently the leaders in the wild card standings as we speak. Tonight was only the 75th game, so we still have July, August, and September left.

It was truly a great game tonight!