Now this is getting just plain fun. Apparently Derek Jeter didn’t hear what he though he did.  After almost getting thrown out Monday afternoon while arguing a bad call, umpire Marty Foster is now disputing Jeter’s account of the events.

Jeter told the media after the game that Foster told him that although he was not tagged while stealing third in the first inning, he did not actually have to be tagged to be out.  Essentially, Foster was saying that if the ball beats you to the bag, you are out – which by the way, is NOT in the MLB rule books.

In the nicest way possible, the crew chief of Monday’s game against the Blue Jays, John Hirschbeck, said that his umpire was wrong and that in the past, before television, umpires used to call players out if the ball reached the bag before they did, but after the advent  of television and instant replay for fans, the umpires apparently dropped that practice.  Probably because it was never in the rule books to begin with.

Now, Hirschbeck is speaking again for Foster and for the second straight day, Hirschbeck refused media access to Foster after Tuesday’s game at Citi Field between the Mets and Dodgers.  Hirschbck said Foster told him that he said to Jeter “The ball beat you and I had him tagging you.”

Now Hirsch (can I call him that?) attributes the misunderstanding to tempers flaring – but Jeter did not get all worked up until Foster said something to him – so I don’t really buy this count of events and I’ll explain why.

First, Derek Jeter does not get a temper.  He’s the most cool, calm and collected guy on the team.  Its a reason why he’s the captain.  He was not fired up until Foster said something to him.

Second, stadiums are loud, but I don’t think Derek Jeter is going to hear “The ball beat you and I had him tagging you” and turn it into “you don’t have to be tagged to be out.”

That’s all I need to say.  Its a two point argument.  Bottom line, Hirschbeck is doing his job, Foster sucks at his and got caught saying something dumb.