Manny Ramirez, the controversial slugger for the Los Angeles Dodgers, hit his 536 career home run Friday night, tying Mickey Mantle for 15th all time. 

Ramirez’s hit the 2-run homer in the top of the sixth, helping the Dodgers to a 12-8 victory over the Milwaukee Brewers. 

“It feels good, but it’s just like another home run,” said Ramirez, . “It makes me proud, but like I said it’s just another home run that I hit. I didn’t even know I tied him.”

I’m not going to sat much about this except his comments irk me a little.  Either he is oblivious and doesn’t care about his career numbers, which is a little bit disrespectful to the Mick, one of the best ballplayers to ever live, or he’s simply trying to be modest. 

Obviously, I don’t know Manny personally, but I have a feeling its the former, not the latter.