Since I run this place and can do pretty much anything I want, I am writing a quick shout out to my Uncle Jimmy, the most sarcastic man alive.  The 100% Irish man is retired, a long-time employee of Sears, one of the greatest places to work in America.

Anyways, Jim had to make the comment to my Mom that I might sell more kitchens (I’m a Sears Employee myself) if I didn’t blog as much?  Really Jimbo? I have probably sold a higher dollar amount in kitchens this year then your best year ever with appliances.  And, believe it or not, I even make money blogging!

So, I’ve got one word for you, and I’ll say it in my Bronx accent – Shaddup!

Seriously though, the guy is awesome.  Probably one of the best appliance salesman and managers ever – but he’s so old that he used to sell iceboxes before there were refrigerators.