I am a big fan of Peter Abraham – if you’ve read this blog enough, you would have noticed he is probably the most referred to man on this website.  Abraham is the Yankees beat writer for The Journal News and a damn good one at that.  Of all the beat writers out there, I am on his blog the most and he has the most in-dept reviews of what is going on in the Yankee world.

The reason I bring this up is because of this post that Abraham wrote today – the gyst of it being that many of our fellow bloggers take info from beat writers and sometimes try to pass it off as their own.  Couple that with the fact that many newspapers across the country are closing down and/or cutting staff and we’ve got a potential problem in the sports writing industry.

Chris and I are a big fan of crediting the source of the information and I felt inclined to write this post as a testament to our philosophy that someone else’s reporting will always be credited as the source of our information.  If we use their blog or article to link to another, we will offer a “hat-tip” to he who directed us to that info.

Beat writers – we thank you for what you do – for without you, we would not know the intricacies of the Yankee world.