It was after 1 am by the time I got to bed last night – and all I did was watch the Yankee game.  All night.  Alright, well I’ll admit, at one point, I turned the Wii on to play Wii Sports Resort and listen to the game on the radio – but I did catch the game in its entirety.

By now, you have probably read a synapsis already, so i’m not going to go into that, but I will address some things that fired me up from last night.

First, AJ Burnett – going into this game, he was 3.0 with an ERA round 1.00 after a game in which he lost.  He had dropped his previous start to the Chicago White Sox, so this meant Burnett had a good shot of pitching well and he came through.  Well, kinda.  He threw 7 2/3 of 1-hit ball, generating 6 strikeouts.  But he did have 6 walks – which is interesting because every other time this season he has allowed 5 or more walks, Burnett hasn’t won.

Second, both lineups sucked last night.  It was unseasonable cold last night in New York – so i have to wonder how much that made a difference for the hitters.  But with two top 5 in AL lineups, we went 14 1/2 innings before Alex Rodriguez hit a two-out, two-run home run into left field.  The only score of the game.

Derek Jeter: 1-7, Johnny Damon: 0-7, including a horrid display of bunting, Mark Teixeira: 0-6, BB, Melky Cabrera: 0-5, BB and one really unfortunate missed foul ball.

Dustin Pedroia: 0-4, 2 BB, Victor Martinez: 0-6, David Ortiz 1-6.

No one had a great game, but it still was a great game.  Both teams are going to be dead tired going into today and tomorrow – especially the pitching staffs.  The Yankees used almost everyone while the Red Sox used everyone they had.  Fortunately for both teams, today’s game is a 4:10 start, instead of the usual 1:05 Saturday start – allowing the guys a little more rest.

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