After this weekend’s 4 game sweep of the Red Sox, I can’t help but think of 2006 – the Yankees had not been doing well all spring and most of the summer, and managed to come back strong after the all-star break.

On August 18th, they traveled to Boston to face the Red Sox for a 5 game series at Fenway.  An earlier game at Fenway had been rained out, so on Friday August 18, the Yankees and Red Sox played a double header, taking both games and setting up a weekend I will never forget – a 5 game sweep of the Sox in the home stadium.

That sweep gave the Yankees a 6.5 game lead in the AL East.  After this 4 game sweep the Yankees now lead the Red Sox by, you guessed it, 6.5 games.

The Yankees never looked back, winning the division by 10 games.  Boston missed the postseason, winning only 17 games the rest of the season and finished third in the AL East.

This weekend had erie reminders of that great weekend.

Oh, and one other thing.  In the history of Major League Baseball, as long as there have been divisions in the American League – the Yankees have never failed to win the division if they have led by 6 games or more.