I don’t think I can be any more direct then that.

On Friday, speaking to a bunch of little league players preparing for the Little League World Series in Pennsylvania, former Red Sox player and newly inducted Hall of Famer Jim Rice called out todays major league players for being bad role models.

I have no issue with that.  I’m sure these guys are worst role models then players in Rice’s era, but my issue is the fact that Rice felt inclined to call out Derek Jeter.  Of all people to call out, he mentions Derek Jeter.

“You see a Manny Ramirez, you see an A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez), you see (Derek) Jeter … Guys that I played against and with, these guys you’re talking about cannot compare,” Rice said to Little Leaguers gathered in the cafeteria.

Now, that’s just ridiculous.  Friggin Jeter?  The third greatest Yankee who ever lived?  Who, by the way, will one day be the greatest.

Jeter is also one of the best role models in professional sports today.  He shows up, does his job well, works hard and never bitches or moans.

Jeter, of course, took the high road when asked by Peter Abraham how he felt about the comments.  “I didn’t know I was like that. That’s a first for me.”

Jim Rice, you owe Derek Jeter an apology.