Less than 24 hours after trouncing the Red Sox for 20 runs, AJ Burnett and the Yankees let the Red Sox hit them up for another 14 runs, however this time the Yankee bats were silenced.  Wait, no they weren’t.

The Yankees had 12 hits and three walks – but managed to score 1 run.  ONE.  Honestly, I think this photo of skipper Joe Girardi and pitching coach Dave Eiland says it all:

AJ Burnett allowed a career high 9 runs in 5 innings.  I was disgusted by the crap he was throwing.  But I am not going to blame him for all of it – Jorge Posada didn’t seem like he was getting along with Burnett all game – and this has seemed to be an issue with Posada and almost all his pitchers.

Bottom line, I can’t talk about this anymore – I’m too disgusted.  The Yankees left 25 men on base.  25!

Its like when Vince Vaughn (Beanie) looked at Will Ferrell (Frank the Tank) in Old School and said “you’re better then that.”