….But doesn’t say how.  Asked this weekend to clarify his comments about Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez, Rice said he wasn’t talking about them specifically when he said that today’s players are bad role models for kids and also bad for wearing baggy uniforms and dreadlocks.

“Anybody who reads that story knows I wasn’t talking about Jeter or Rodriguez,” Rice said. “Look at them. Do you see any baggy pants? Do you see any dreadlocks?”

Rice attributed the hooplah over his comments to the Yankee-Red Sox Rivalry and the fact that the two teams were playing this weekend.

By reacting this way, it simply demonstrates to even further that Rice is an ass.  This was his opportunity to apologize for singling out Derek Jeter in particular – a guy respected across professional sports.  Instead, he used the opportunity to lie once more.  Rice didn’t even explain how he was misquoted.

To quote Jeter: “Misquoted?” Jeter said. “How was he misquoted?”