After two horrible starts in a row after extended rests, the Yankees have decided to start Joba Chamberlain on normal rest Sunday and just limit his innings to make sure he stays below the 160 inning max this season.

In a well-publicized effort to bring Joba around slowly, the Yankees had decided before the season began to limit Joba’s innings to ensure he does not get worn out too early in his career.  It ends up being frustrating for many Yankee fans, but in the end they have to keep in mind that he only threw 81 innings in the minors before being called up in 2007.

The Yankees have said that all bets are off during the postseason – meaning that Joba will not be limited in the playoffs to certain days or pitch counts.

Joba just hasn’t been very consistent this season so I wonder how much of a difference this would even make.  If he does go out and have a great start, this will be viewed as a great move.  If he doesn’t, who knows what changes they will decide to make then.