I’m into my fourth day here in Taiwan out of a 20-day trip for the 2009 Summer Deaflympics. As advertised, the Yankees are the feature sports team here in Taiwan.

The Yankees are always on tv every night. YES is broadcast here and the games from the night before are usually shown the next morning. For instance, the 10-0 game from Saturday was shown this morning. Remember…there’s a time difference of 12-hours between NY and Taiwan, so this morning I was watching yesterday afternoon’s game.

A lot of people wear Yankees gear and there are a lot of apparel for sale. Many people have hats with #40, jerseys, or shirts with #40. There is a lot of love for native son Chien-Ming Wang.

I plan to post photos of what I’ve seen here soon…as soon as I get a break from doing my reporting and photography duties for the U.S. Deaflympic team!