I’ve missed blogging over the last few days – ts been a very hectic week and a half – both enjoyable and frustrating at times.  The wife and I just closed on our very first house the last week in August and have had no time to get online and post.

We were supposed to close on August 7, but the sellers delayed the process, forcing us to move the closing to August 20.  The sellers then delayed the closing to August 24 and the town, in a great display of bureaucracy and over-taxation, delayed the closing to the end of the week.

With our lease at our current place over on August 31, we were fortunate to get an additional week to move and prep the new house.  With the wife out-of-town on business, I had to do all the painting and cleaning myself.  To top it all off, we found a pretty nasty plumbing leak (I’ll spare the icky details) that had to be addressed immediately, forcing me to miss my Fantasy Football draft and get kicked out of the league for the year.

We also had the wedding of two of our friends to attend and moving.  We did all this – and did not take one day off from work while all this was happening.  Needless to say, we were doing a lot.

We finally have gotten settled in – mostly.  It’s comfortable and we don’t have too many boxes stacked up everywhere.  We still have a ton more painting and prep work to the home to do and then we can start considering some of the projects we had budgeted for when we bought the house.

And now, I can make the time to get back into the Yankee Universe…