Its been raining most of the day today in New York – pretty much the entire state is getting rained on.  It has finally seemed to slow down up here in the Poughkeepsie area, and as of 4:30 there was a light rain in the Bronx.  The forecast calls for periods of rain this evening with a temperature around 60 degrees.

Captain Clutch, Derek Jeter, sits only one hit away from Yankee immortality as the best hitter to ever pick up a bat.  If the game is rained out, we are probably looking at a Saturday or Sunday doubleheader.  The Yankees and Orioles are not scheduled to face off again this season and only have one other shared off-day, September 24 when Baltimore has a day off between series at Toronto and Cleveland and the Yankees are traveling from LA on the west coast back home for a three game set against Boston.

In all likelihood, we would face a doubleheader this weekend if it can’t be played tonight.  But with history on the line, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Yankees make the game happen somehow.