The Yankees will look to do something that have had a lot of trouble doing the past few seasons: beat the LA Angels.  Monday night’s game is a reschedule from a May 3 rainout – so it will be the final time the Yanks face the Angels at the Stadium this season, assuming they don’t meet in the playoffs.

The two teams are set to face of in LA later next week during the Yankees west coast road trip that starts this weekend in Seattle.

Joba gets the start tonight and will pitch his customary 3 innings – leaving the win up to the bullpen.  In my mind, Joba needs to show his worth to the Yankees this month if he wants to remain a starter.  With AJ Burnett struggling in the second half of the season, the Yankees are left with only two clear cut starters for the postseason: CC Sabathia and Andy Pettitte.  Burnett, Chamberlain, and Gaudin/Mitre have not proven themselves worthy of the spot.

Tonight, the Mrs. and I will be at the game, cheering on the Bronx Bombers.  We need to see Joba throw 1-2-3, lights out innings.  To get himself that third spot in the postseason, he needs to limit the Angels to less then 4 hits, 1 walk or less and no runs.  That will make the Yankees consider Joba over Burnett.

See you at the game!