Jorge Posada threw out an elbow at Toronto pitcher Jesse Carlson in the bottom of the eighth inning, sparking a bench clearing brawl that saw many punches thrown and Posada and Carlson ejected.

Carlson had retaliated for Mark Melancon hitting Aaron Hill by throwing far behind Posada.  It was clear he was trying to hit him.  Posada responded by yelling at Carlson and both benches cleared but no punches were thrown.

Next inning, after scoring on an Robinson Cano hit, Posada threw out his elbow while passing Carlson at the plate. Next thing you knew, Posada was running at Carlson, Jeter and Damon and Teixeira are in it, as well as Toronto catcher Rod Barajas and both benches clear.

Yankees manager Joe Girardi gets in it, trying to break it up, and Toronto infielder John McDonald comes around and clocks him in the side of the head.

Shelley Duncan, always in the middle of a fight, threw some punches as well.  After the two teams were separated, Carlson had a huge bump on his head and he and Posada were ejected.

Those two will definitely be suspended and/or fined and possibly Duncan and McDonald will too.  There were  several other punches thrown and there might be others as well.

Although Posada definitely tried to hit him and start a fight, Carlson didn’t have to be standing that close to Posada’s running path.  There was no chance of him making a play or anything, so why was he getting that close to Posada?  The way I see it, they share blame for the fight.

It sucks that Posada will most likely miss a few games, but as announcer Michael Kay pointed out, the championship teams of the late 90’s had a few brawls as well.  So maybe this is a good sign.