Via Peter Abraham:

Former Bronx Bomber and current jazz musician Bernie Williams has earned his very first latin Grammy nomination.  Williams released his first album, Moving Forward this past spring.  His label released the following statement,

“I don’t have many words right now that can explain how excited and grateful I am about this nomination. When I stopped playing baseball, I knew that I would become more dedicated to my music,” Bernie said. “Just to have the chance to sign with Reform Records and create this CD was a tremendous opportunity. Now, to already have my first Latin Grammy nomination from my fellow musicians is beyond anything I could have dreamed. Last year I was able to attend the Latin Grammy Awards just as a music fan. I’m elated that this year I can return as part of such an illustrious group of nominee.”

Congrats to Bernie.  I always loved the guy as a Yankee.  Not much of a jazz fan, though.  Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate it, just wouldn’t buy the guy’s CD.