Occasionally, I feel inclined to write about non-baseball news.  After hearing about this story Tuesday morning on Mike and Mike, I am disgusted.  Mike Greenburg had a phenomenal rant regarding this story which I am posting.

In case you have not heard about this story, after losing their second game of the season Sunday, the fans at Fed Ex Field booed the team.  After the game, Hensen, a rookie linebacker who has not even played yet this season, said on his twitter page that they shouldn’t “come to Fed Ex to boo, dim wits.”

After that Henson added, “who are you to say you know best for the team and you work 9-5 at McDonalds.”

What an ass.  This guy is an insult.  He is lucky that us 9-5 workers go to games so we can pay his salary.  What a pompous, high and mighty son-of-a…..I won’t go there.

And my favorite part….as Greeny points out, the fans at the game had as much to do with the Redskins play as Henson did – considering he has been inactive all season.

If he said that stuff to a referee, or someone like that, he would have been fined.  If I was the NFL – I would fine him.  For the same reason why Donte Stallworth, Pacman Jones, Mike Vick and others have been fined and/or suspended for their criminal activities because they made the league look bad, Henson too should be fined for making his team and the league look bad.

What an idiot.