Hat tip from Sliding Into Home


4. Yankees sign Mark Teixeira for $180 million over eight years. The Red Sox power brokers had a bad meeting with Teixeira at his Dallas-area home, opening the door for Yankees’ GM Brian Cashman, who implored his bosses to take the big plunge and beat Boston’s $170 million bid by telling them it was an opportunity to “make the Red Sox look bad.” It also made the Yankees look good.

10. Yankees sign CC Sabathia for $161 million. Some wondered whether the Yankees had to pay this much. That’ll never be known, but they felt a threat from Sabathia’s home-state Angels and simply had to have Sabathia, the ace they plainly needed.

17. Yankees sign Andy Pettitte for $5.5 million plus incentives. Pettitte held out for long enough for the price to drop, but he made it up in incentives after delivering an excellent year in the Bronx.

18. Yankees acquire Nick Swisher for Wilson Betemit, Jhonny Nunez and Jeff Marquez and a pitching prospect. It seemed like an extravagance once the Yankees acquired Teixeira, as Swisher appeared destined to become an expensive and dissatisfied bench player. But when Xavier Nady went down with elbow trouble, Swisher moved to right field where he became a power threat and fan favorite.

30. Yankees pick up Chad Gaudin off the waiver wire. For $100,000, Cashman got a pitcher that may supplant Joba Chamberlain as the team’s No. 4 starter if the Yankees need one later in the playoffs. Twenty eight teams passed before Cashman pounced.


Greg, at Sliding Into Home, makes the great point that AJ Burnett’s signing was left off the list.  Although I support Burnett as a Yankee – he has brought a level of fun and excitement to the clubhouse that was missing before he and Nick Swisher arrived and I think has been crucial to the Yankees success this season.  As a sales manager, I have always told my sales reps that unless they have fun – they will not sell.  Because if they have fun, their customers will have fun and are much more likely to buy.  And of course, they’ll enjoy their job more too.

Despite the fun he has brought, he has not been the dominating pitcher the Yankees hoped he would be.