I am very proud of Chris and my apparent abilities to predict the future – at least in baseball.  With the 2009 regular season drawn to a close, I wanted to look back to April and March and see what we had predicted would happen in 2009.  Much to my happiness, we were pretty close in determining most team’s final records.

Chris and I (assuming the Twins win Tuesday night) will have correctly determined the 4 playoff teams and their ALDS opponents – Yankees vs. Twins and Angels vs. Red Sox.  We also correctly determined six of the fourteen teams’ final standings within 5 games of their actual record.  Only two teams’ records were severely underestimated and only one team’s record was overestimated.

Pretty good job, if you ask me.

Chris and I picked the NY Yankees to win the AL East, the Boston Red Sox to capture the Wild Card, the Minnesota Twins to pick up the AL Central and the LA Angels to pick up the Al West.  Again, assuming the Twins win Tuesday night (which I do,) we hit the perfecto.

The AL East was our strong point.  We estimated the Yankees to win 100 games, they won 103.  We predicted the Red Sox to win 93 games, and they won 95.  We even said the Tampa Bay Rays would have a sophomore slump and decline to 86 wins and that the Toronto Blue Jays would hover just below .500 at 78 wins.  They won 84 games and 75 games, respectively.  We actually overestimated the Baltimore Orioles abilities, projecting a 74-88 finish, but the O’s mustered only a 64-98 record – the worst in the AL.

The AL Central was a mess, but we did correctly identify that the Twins would be on top of the division – but standing alone, not tied with Detroit.  This was where the ball was dropped the most.  We predicted the Twins would finish 92-70, but actually finished 86-76; that the Chicago White Sox would finish 86-76, but they ended up at 79-83; and that the Cleveland Indians would finish 82-80, but they finished a dismal 65-97.  We also saw the Royals riding their strong starting pitching to a 79-83 record, but they mustered up a 65-97 season and the Tigers were predicted to finish at the bottom of the AL with a 71-91 record, but they pulled out a 86-76 finish to be tied at the top of the division with Minnesota.

The AL West was decent as well, the Angels were predicted to win the division with a 93-69 record and they won the division with a 97-65 record.  The Texas Rangers we projected perfectly at 87-75 – I’ll call it right now – this Texas team makes the playoffs in 2010 – but that’s a different story for a different time.  Seattle had lost 100 games last season and I didn’t see much improvement in the offseason, so a 69-93 record was predicted, but the Mariners pulled out a 85-77 record.  We also figured that Oakland would finish within 6 games of .500 – and they did – but they finished at 75-87, instead of the 83-79 we had thought.

Maybe next year, we’ll sell our predictions to ESPN!  HA!

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