With Major League Baseball’s push to get games to end earlier in the evening so that young kids can watch more playoff games, it was announced this weekend that the Yankees vs. Twins/Tigers playoff series will have games 1 and 2 begin at an earlier 6:07 time.  With all ALDS and NLDS games broadcast on TBS, no two games are scheduled to be played at the same time – unless one goes into extra innings.

The 6:07 start time means that the games should be completed by 9:30 pm – and I couldn’t be more happier for the Yankees’ young fans.  The only complaint someone could have would be that they might not get back from work or finish dinner in time to watch the game.  My response would be to get DVR or TIVO and record the game, start watching it at 7pm and with all the commercials and stoppage in play, you could catch up to the live action within 30-45 minutes – depending on how much Michael Kay commentary you really want to hear.